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What's up with the guy in front of him? Looks like he ready for Pac to top him off ijs. This isn't even the worst of it. He definitely had a special relationship with his boys. I could run a list of examples but its best to check it out and form your own opinion. A famous YouTuber who has a reputation for speaking ill of black women did a video giving his opinion on it. He also feels Mr. ThugLife was actually Mr.

gay man porn pics

Now, the reason why this is such a problem is that Tupac basically sold black men prison culture. Think about it. He was always in and out jail. He was always beefing with somebody.

He was gang affiliated. He wore his pants under his butt and even though pants are a lot tighter these days they are still below the cheeks. In Pac's so called later years he was violent and out of control. His influence still reigns.

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What has Tupac done for the image of the black man? Yes, in the beginning he told sad stories about what it's like to be black and poor. But what if we got tricked? I mean the first time he got shot, it didn't even leave wounds and I know for a fact bullets burn the skin. But we just gonna keep ignoring the trojan horse in the room. I got drug up and down Facebook for my opinion on the matter. Just because it was Tupac.

I got called crazy, people were saying " oh you big mad". Why are we so afraid to hold our leaders accountable?

Maybe if we hold our leaders accountable, we could break some of the mindsets that aren't beneficial to us. That downlow gay stuff is lame but its really an epidemic. My sister and I both have entertained men who That's why this issue is so important for me to speak on. Prison rape is real.

How fair is that to the women involved? In , 17, black people were diagnosed with the disease. I don't know how many was I have to spell it out.

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Tupac wasn't good for the culture. He was just an actor playing a role. Huge cocks, and large loads of cum.

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When the wife is asleep My Clean Dick.. Dakota Young has been clashing with his mom's boyfriend since the beginning, and today it seems to have all finally come to a head. As Dakota rifles though the bags of birthday gifts Dean got for Dakota's mother, he finds a naughty little gift tha Staxus - Bareback Monster Cocks. Two studs fuck each other in the middle of nowhere. During the hearing, forensic scientist Corrie Maggay testified that bloodstains found on a knife blade found in Woodward's bedroom and on the visor of his car closely match Bernstein's genetic material.

athletes [497]

The chance of the blood belonging to anyone other than the victim is one in a trillion, she said. If convicted of murder and hate-crime charges, Woodward faces up to life in prison with no parole. We were proud of everything he did and who he was. He had nothing to hide.